Meet our team

Our team is growing and is based on many years of business development experience from both startups and larger organisations, in The Netherlands and internationally. The team of Itzinya Amersfoort consists of 7 facilitators, a host, 15 coaches and a number of mentors. We are independently running our own businesses or involved with our own jobs and are pooling our competencies together to invest in newcomers with a business mindset in the Amersfoort region.

Gertjan van Laar

Co-founder and Facilitator

Gertjan is Business Consultant and IT entrepreneur with international experience. He leads the team in Amersfoort.

Balt Leenman


Balt is an IT strategist, Social Entrepreneur and an Innovator. He has started several businesses and consulted many more. Apart from Consulting European businesses he is currently also owning and overseeing a business in Kenya.

Dua Javed

Content Writer and Social Media Marketer

Dua grew up in Pakistan and has a love for writing. She helps sharing the stories of our entrepreneurs.

Willemien Dee


Willemien is Senior Portfolio Manager at a large bank in The Netherlands. She is a Member of the Board of Directors too.

Philip Gahshan


Philip is an IT Consultant with experience in sales and marketing. He studied Accounting and Business Management in Damascus.

Arco de Leede


Arco has many years of experience as a director of an ngo in The Netherlands and is an advisor to Dutch companies doing business in the Middle East. Previously he lived in the Middle East himself where he founded an internet cafe and a training center.

Sem Oosterhoff


Sem is a Business Developer in the energy market. He studied International Business & Management in Groningen.

Marika Rentier


Marika is a photographer and has lots of cross cultural experience in different areas. She studied Education in Johannesburg.