Itzinya Amersfoort

Just as you have started to get comfortable that you know what you are doing, you deliver to the liking of your customers and you are profitable – then it is time to take new scary steps of development. The market moves on, new products come after yours, customers behaviours change, you cannot stand still, you have to move with the market or you’ll soon be left behind.

Sometimes it is about fine tuning your offering, specializing on a particular customer segment or moving to a more central location. Sometimes it is all about scaling up, whether that is through organic growth or through mergers and acquisitions. Maybe the most difficult thing is to actually get time for the work involved in planning and strategizing for those changes in the midst of the hectic everyday business

Itzinya specializes on helping companies get in control of the change, to get the priorities right, the decisions made and the actions taken, in a process as simple as ever possible.

Key areas

  • Developing you as an entrepreneur: if you grow your business will grow with you
  • Discovering in which areas your business could or should grow
  • Establishing a Strong Organization: a business should not be dependent of the founder
  • Building Lasting customer relations
  • Maintain profitable operations

Join Itzinya Grow

Our aim is to make Itzinya Grow accessible to everyone with a great and validated business idea. The participation fee is tailer made and depends on your situation. It could be an annual fee and/or in return for some shares in your company. Contact us to discuss what would work best for you in your situation. We want to help you grow and not limit you in any way.