Itzinya Amersfoort

In the Itzinya Incubator (called Build) you as a migrant entrepreneur will get support in the process of starting your business. Besides personal mentoring we offer group masterclasses on specific topics related to your business. And very practically, we offer services you need during the startup phase such as administration, marketing and IT. 


In the Incubator you will be personally mentored by one of our Startup Consultants. They have many years of experience in entrepreneurship in The Netherlands, understand what it is for you to be a newcomer and have a widespread business network. Your consultant will advise you, helps you to think strategically and you will benefit from their network.


In the Incubator we offer services you. need during the start of your business. You can pick and choose the services you like. For example:

  • Bookkeeping / administration We help you to set up your bookkeeping well, to allow you to have control over your business. You will learn how to maintain your administration yourself and after 1 – 2 years we will help you find a reliable accountant or administration company.
  • Tax statements We make sure you understand the basic taxes that apply to your business in The Netherlands, such as the VAT (BTW). We help you get started, will prepare the first statements together so that you will learn how to do it yourself in the future.
  • Marketing and IT Probably one of the most important and hardest things as a newcomer is to look at your business through the eyes of a Dutch customer. We help you design a logo and business cards and develop a website.
  • Seed capital Sometimes you can start a business without any external financial investment. But very often you have to invest in appliances or machinery, stock or furniture. We help you to find seed capital.
  • Finding a location If you start your business from your own office building or business premises we help you find the right space, understand the customs in The Netherlands and deal with your landlord.
  • Contact with authorities We help you dealing with authorities such as de Gemeente (if you have an Uitkering), opening a business bank account or registering with the Chamber of Commerce.


In a group with other entrepreneurs who have recently started their business you can participate in our Masterclasses, to allow you to start your business in an even stronger way. You will share experiences, support each other and learn from each other.


Before we start cooperating with you will will discuss what you need and how much it will cost. Most entrepreneurs who join our Incubator will pay somewhere between € 1.500 and € 7.500 depending on their needs and type of business. You don’t have to pay it all at once: we will make an agreement to pay in installments, as soon as your business has actually started. We want you to be successful and only pay us then.

Our expectations

We expect you to:

  • have proof that your business idea is viable, for example because you have participated in our Startup Academy or because your are an experienced entrepreneur.
  • will spend most of your time on your business (or will soon start to do so)

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