Itzinya Amersfoort

Seed is a training program for people who have come to The Netherlands as refugees and have a residence permit. During this 6 week training program you will learn more about the job market in The Netherlands. You will also discover more about your own talent and which job in The Netherlands will work best for you. Or maybe you will find out that entrepreneurship is the best option for you. Discover it all in the Seed training!


The training program of Seed covers the following topics:

  1. Discover your talent
  2. Giving presentations and communication in The Netherlands
  3. Corporate Culture
  4. Productivity
  5. CV writing and applying for a job
  6. Conflict resolution
  7. Working together in teams
  8. Lean Startup
  9. Entrepreneurship in The Netherlands

What we expect from you

We expect that you:

  • are motivated to start working in The Netherlands
  • have the permission to work (statushouder)
  • will actually start using the tools you will get during the training and apply them to your own situation
  • are able to travel to Amersfoort

Register now

Mid 2023 we will start with this training program. Please leave your details and we will keep you posted!

  • Help ons om je beter te leren kennen. Schrijf iets over je werkervaring, droom in Nederland, de talen die je spreekt.