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Empowers talent

Itzinya Amersfoort is entirely focused on strengthening the talent of migrants (statushouders) in the field of entrepreneurship and work. We believe that everyone can participate in the development of a good and sustainable society. By working in a job that suits you and by starting companies that add something to the Netherlands.

We believe that people who come to the Netherlands as refugees or migrants, for various reasons, should be given the opportunity to use their time, talent, energy and creativity in the field of work.

There are millions of people in Europe who work for companies started by migrants. Creativity knows no bounds. Anyone in the world can have the perseverance to discover if an idea catches on and grows into a mature company. Many people who have had to leave their own country are extra motivated to start their lives again in the Netherlands. We want to strengthen these people to increase the chance of success. Through their own business or through a job.

Diploma migrant-ondernemers

Provides training and guidance

Itzinya trains and guides newcomers through various programs.

Seed – orientation and training for work and entrepreneurship

Most newcomers are not familiar with the labor market in The Netherlands. They experience pressure to find work. In the meantime they try to learn the Dutch language. As a result, they often accept jobs which are below their level and in which it is hard for them to grow. Or they start a business out of necessity, while they don’t necessarily have entrepreneurial skills. The Seed program helps participants to get to know the labor market in the Netherlands better. To get to know their own talent even better and make the step towards a job that suits them, possibly through job placement by Itzinya. Or by enrolling in the Startup Academy.

Startup – learning how to start a business in the Netherlands

In this training program, migrant entrepreneurs find proof that the business idea they have will work in the Netherlands. Through practical training, the entrepreneurs talk to their potential customers, conduct market research, explore the competition and assess the financial feasibility.

Incubator – guidance during the startup

The Incubator consists of a tailor-made offer for business advisory and services for the start-up phase. Such as writing a formal business plan including a financial plan, starting book keeping, filing VAT (BTW) declarations, support in the field of marketing and ICT and practical contacts with, for example, a bank, the municipality or first customers.

Itzinya verbindt migrant-ondernemers en ondernemende Nederlanders

Expand your network

Connection is central to the Itzinya Community. The community builds bridges between entrepreneurial Dutch people and migrants through networking events.

For an event we always invite an engaging speaker who will update you on a relevant topic. Migrant entrepreneurs tell their story and take you on their journey to a meaningful future. There is live international music, and of course plenty of time to chat with each other during drinks.


Don’t want to wait for the next Community Event? In the Itzinya Podcast we tell honest stories of migrant entrepreneurs in the Netherlands.

Itzinya Abuja

Based on an internationally proven program

Itzinya is a franchise concept which has been used in more than 10 countries since 2012. Itzinya wants to be part of the solution to the global migration crisis. By offering young people hope for a better future through entrepreneurship in countries where there is little economic prospect. And by enabling and encouraging migrants in countries where migrants arrive to use their potential through work and entrepreneurship.

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