A postman developing an anti scam service

Rasool Modaresi from Iran

Rasool Modaresi, who is from Iran, has now been living in the Netherlands for almost 4 years. He studied Industrial Engineering and used to work as a quality control expert back home. He also worked at the metro in the control project department. Currently he is working at PostNL, every day is facing the Dutch weather to make sure everyone gets their letters on time.

Rasool’s Story

I am happy with the opportunity to work as a postman and to have income, but I have always wanted to start my own business. However, due to the situation in the country I was unable to start in Iran. After spending 2 years in the Netherlands, and learning more and more about the culture and society I got to better understand the needs of the society and a new business idea was born. I am currently looking to develop a service where customers can buy higher priced items sold on Marktplaats, especially electronics, with peace of mind.

I have done a 2–3-day Start-up Training in Iran, but I was still unsure about how to start a business in The Netherlands. After hearing about Itzinya through a friend I gave it a try. After applying and passing the intake process I joined the 2020 cohort of the Itzinya StartUp Academy. Looking back at this experience I especially remember the facilitators and the other entrepreneurs being nice and friendly. Everybody wanted to help and support each other. To Itzinya, every person and idea is important. The facilitators help build the ideas and then follow up on the progress as well. One of the most important aspects of the Itzinya StartUp Academy, facilitators and entrepreneurs alike, is that they are looking at your business idea from the outside. Since you are at the core of the idea, it can cause you to be subjective. Therefore, being on the outside they are able to be objective and can point out the problems in your ideas as well. This helps you view and develop your ideas better and prepares you for starting your business.

Next Step

While Rasool is working long hours at PostNL, he is still very focused on his business idea. Convinced by the power of Lean Start-up, Rasool now tests every major assumption in his business model by viewing the data from an objective perspective.



Iran is an ethically diverse Islamic country in Southwestern Asia, parched and surrounded by mountains. Housing 83 million people, it is a theocratic country with its official language being Farsi. Iran is the 5th largest petroleum producer and houses the 4th largest reserve of crude oil.

Over 35.000 Iranians live in The Netherlands